What is Veri-Dry?

Veri-Dry Dehumidifier SystemVERI-DRY is a Moisture Removal / Mold Inhibiting device that can be installed on any conventional air conditioning system, air source or water source heat pump. This device converts those systems into a dedicated highly efficient moisture-removing device, (dehumidifier).

The Veri-Dry converter is a revolutionary device that dramatically raises the bar for mold, moisture, and humidity control.

The Veri-Dry converter was developed to solve the inherent problem of oversized air conditioners that cool the air too fast without removing an adequate amount of humidity. The result is a cold clammy uncomfortable environment and much higher electric bills. Although the product trademark name is veri-dry, it should not to be confused with the term “very dry,” which could denote a lack of moisture in a home. The  Veri-Dry converter maintains the humidity level that is selected on the wall controller.

Veri-Dry performs amazingly well. It works beautifully alongside 50 ton commercial air conditioner units or 3 ton residential units. Veri-Dry works with heat pumps and geothermal systems.

The best part is that Veri-Dry costs less. It cost much less! On average, a Veri-Dry converter costs 40% less then competing units.

Patent Pending Technology makes Veri-Dry the most powerful dehumidification system on the market. The key to Veri-Dry is Super Flow Control. Super Flow Control works in a very innovative way to save you money and maintain the perfect humidity no matter the conditions. Veri-Dry controls humidity in hot, humid Florida or cool, humid Oregon.

The Veri-Dry Solution

The human body is comfortable when relative humidity ranges between 20 and 60 percent. In your home, an average relative humidity of 35 to 40 percent is appropriate when the outside temperature is 20°F or above. However, during cold weather, higher humidity ranges may cause structural damage because of condensation on windows and on the inside of exterior walls. As outdoor temperatures fall, condensation problems inside may develop.

The construction of a home also influences how much humidity is desirable. Tightly constructed buildings with properly installed vapor barriers and tight fitting doors and windows retain more heat and moisture. This is where mechanical ventilation becomes important. If a home does not have the proper mechanical ventilation, excess water vapor can move through walls and ceilings, causing wet insulation, peeling paint, and mold on walls and woodwork.

Veri-Dry converts any existing air conditioner into a monster whole building dehumidifier, thereby reducing excess moisture that deprives mold spores of the nutrients and conditions they need to thrive. Drying out the damp air and extracting moisture from the structure are the most crucial factors in reducing the unfavorable environment for indoor mold growth and musty odors.

Veri-Dry is the leader in advanced indoor dehumidification.

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