Veri-Dry Humidity Temperature Control

Veri-Dry Humidity Temperature ControlVeri-Dry turns your air conditioner into a humidity sucking, air cooling powerhouse.

Built into every Veri-Dry is patent pending Super Flow Control technology. Super Flow Control is a Humidity Temperature Control System.

Building managers and home owners don’t realize that they own all the humidity removing capability they need, they just aren’t using it. Veri-Dry unlocks the power of massive humidity removal from your existing air conditioner. Veri-Dry is like finding a hidden bank account left by your long lost uncle that will pay you interest every year for as long as you own your home. It’s like finding out that the computer you bought can run twice as fast if you just change a few settings. It’s like finding that your three speed bicycle is really a 21 speed and you’ve got 18 additional gears you didn’t know about. It’s like finding out that your tenant wants to pay you double the rent just because he really likes you. Veri-Dry is a gift to you.

See, you’ve already paid for an air conditioner that can do the job. It’s just not working very hard. It’s slacking, hanging out at the water cooler. All you’re doing with Veri-Dry is giving your A/C a list of new things to do. With Veri-Dry helping it, your A/C will become an active member of the team. Up until know it’s been idling and you didn’t realize that it wanted to work harder. It’s ready to do the job. It just needs a little help. That is where Veri-Dry comes in.

It’s kind of like this. Your A/C speaks a single language. It only knows temperature. It doesn’t have any idea what the humidity is because it wasn’t built that way. Was it an oversight by the engineers who designed your A/C? Possibly, but it’s too late now. Air conditioners aren’t able to adjust for high humidity levels. They don’t know the language of humidity. They only know the language of temperature.

What Veri-Dry does is incorporate the language of humidity into the lexicon of an air conditioner. With a few small design changes, including a sensor on the cooling and a damper that reroutes the air so the A/C doesn’t cool down the room too fast, your A/C can be trained to speak in the language of humidity.

So, what does that mean?

It means that you won’t need to keep setting the thermostat lower and lower because you feel uncomfortable. It means that you don’t have to buy an expensive and inefficient separate dehumidifier that takes up a lot of room, costs big dollars to run and doesn’t have the water removing capability of your existing air conditioner.

Your air conditioner has so much power that is untapped. It’s designed to remove water. It’s just not tuned that way. A separate dehumidification system adds more drag or friction to your air flow which slows things down. It can’t possibly remove all the water of your A/C because of this. The physics don’t support it.

We are so confident that Veri-Dry will work for you that we’ve made it easy to buy a Veri-Dry system now, Risk-Free.

Veri-Dry is the leader in advanced indoor dehumidification.

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