Veri-Dry Humidity Control System

Veri-Dry Dehumidifier SystemHumidity can be an elusive thing to control. Veri-Dry technology allows air conditioners, heat pumps and even geothermal devices too accurately and precisely control humidity.

All of these devices are typically linked into a thermostat…and often humidity problems arise.

Veri-Dry adds a series of innovations:

  • Built into every Veri-Dry is advanced Super Flow Control technology that keeps high humidity down.
  • With a Veri-Dry the cooling coil will always be just above freezing and will never freeze. Guaranteed. This allows maximum cooling and maximum humidity removal.
  • Think of Veri-Dry as a powerful, humidity sponge. Built into every Veri-Dry is a sophisticated control system that can manage all damper and vents as well as the HVAC fan and air conditioner. Veri-Dry is the missing piece that inexpensively removes the maximum amount of water.
  • Veri-Dry systems always have maximum air flow. When air flow is high, you know that cooling and humidity removal are operating at a maximum.

Veri-Dry is guaranteed to remove the high humidity in your building. We encourage you to compare Veri-Dry to other options. When you do, you will find that Veri-Dry removes 4-5 times the water and operates by using 1/3 the energy.

What’s more Veri-Dry is less expensive than other humidity control and dehumidification systems. Only Veri-Dry comes with a 60 day guarantee. Only Veri-Dry lets you try it with now no money down. We are offering this guarantee because we are so confident in the technology behind Veri-Dry.

VERI-DRY Series Conversion Humidity Control System Overview

Veri-Dry is a simple add-on device that can be installed on any new or existing air conditioner or heat pump that converts it into a dedicated highly efficient moisture-removing dehumidifier.

Model: VERI-DRY series conversion humidity control system.
Electrical: 24 Vac. .3 Milliamps
Capacity: Nominal 5 pints per hour per ton.
Operating Temp. Range: 40F Min., 120F Max.
Air Flow: Uncompromised
Refrigerant Charge: N/A
Duct Connections: Varies with tonnage
Weight: Less than 5lbs. 10 Tons and smaller.

VERI-DRY delivers comfort and solves:

• Mold and Mildew
• High Humidity Levels
• Condensation
• Structural Moisture Problems
• Foggy Windows.


The latent capacity (moisture removal rate) of any DX evaporator coil is based on surface area, air velocity (dwell time) and coil temperature. VERI-DRY is a low cost conversion device that converts any existing DX air cooling system into a dual functioning dehumidifier-cooling combination unit. If the humidity exceeds the desired set point in the space, the VERI-DRY controller switches the cooling system into a high capacity dehumidification mode.

Typical air conditioning systems designed today do mostly cooling and very little dehumidification. With a VERI-DRY converter, the air conditioner becomes a massive whole house or building dehumidifier when moisture needs to be removed, then reverts back to its normal cooling function.

VERI-DRY accomplishes this without sacrificing the space air flow when dehumidifying. It is vitally important NOT to slow the fan speed when trying to control humidity. Good air movement is essential to keep hot humid air from stratifying and more important when trying to eliminate moisture and mildew in basement areas that are cool where mold and mildew can thrive.

The VERI-DRY converter controls the cooling coil temperature to just above freezing. The cold evaporator coil removes 4 to 5 times more moisture than a conventional cooling system in its normal cooling mode without compromising air flow throughout the space.

Veri-Dry is the leader in advanced indoor dehumidification.

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