Veri-Dry Commercial Dehumidifier

Veri-Dry Dehumidifier SystemA standard Veri-Dry Commercial Dehumidifier installation delivers the highest performance possible.

  • Available from 3 tons to 100 tons
  • Provides real humidity control using Super Flow Control
  • Dehumidifies without raising the supply temperature.
  • Extracts 4-5 times more water than competing dehumidification systems
  • Saves energy by maintaining comfort at higher set points
  • Uses 1/3 the energy of competing dehumidification systems
  • Prevents mold, mildew and dust mite growth by maintaining 50% relative humidity or lower.

Veri-Dry integrates Super Flow Control with standard DX cooling technology. Total cost of ownership of up to 40% can be realized when compared to competing dehumidification systems.

Veri-Dry is particularly suited to provide independent humidity control for restaurants, theaters, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, small office buildings and even light manufacturing. Veri-Dry is able to maintain indoor air conditions in a dry and cool comfort zone suitable while avoiding the “cold and clammy” feel associated with traditional humidity control via overcooling with standard DX equipment.

Veri-Dry gives a standard DX unit more flexibility to respond to high latent loads and high sensible loads. A Veri-Dry controller can extend and control dampers as well as the DX system. Veri-Dry integrates humidity control into a standard thermostat control system. The advantage of Veri-Dry is how it extracts maximum humidity lowering power out of any existing DX system. In warmer climates, Veri-Dry compensates for an oversized air conditioner. In cooler climates Veri-Dry compensates for cool outdoor temperatures and high humidity.

Veri-Dry is the leader in advanced indoor dehumidification.

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