Prevent Mold, Moisture and Mildew with Veri-Dry Demudifiers

Prevent Mold, Moisture & Mildew

Mold spores are an integral part of our natural environment, and occur both indoors and outdoors. Precursors to mold, moisture & mildew, Mold spores are detrimental in our homes when they cause health issues and structural damage. Even when exterior water sources are minimized, moisture in indoor air can build up from poorly vented sources Read more about Prevent Mold, Moisture & Mildew[…]

Veri-Dry Dehumidifier System

What is Veri-Dry?

VERI-DRY is a Moisture Removal / Mold Inhibiting device that can be installed on any conventional air conditioning system, air source or water source heat pump. This device converts those systems into a dedicated highly efficient moisture-removing device, (dehumidifier). The Veri-Dry converter is a revolutionary device that dramatically raises the bar for mold, moisture, and Read more about What is Veri-Dry?[…]

Mold Samples

10 Common Facts About Moisture, Mold Growth And Humidity Control

One of the primary benefits of the Veri-Dry System is that it inhibits mold growth. Moisture and dampness are essential for mold and mildew to flourish. Controlling the humidity and moisture practically eliminates the possibility of any toxic or non-toxic mold to develop inside a building. Here are 10 facts about moisture, mold growth and Read more about 10 Common Facts About Moisture, Mold Growth And Humidity Control[…]