Veri-Dry Humidity Temperature Control

Veri-Dry Humidity Temperature Control

Veri-Dry turns your air conditioner into a humidity sucking, air cooling powerhouse. Built into every Veri-Dry is patent pending Super Flow Control technology. Super Flow Control is a Humidity Temperature Control System. Building managers and home owners don’t realize that they own all the humidity removing capability they need, they just aren’t using it. Veri-Dry Read more about Veri-Dry Humidity Temperature Control[…]

Oversized Air Conditioner - Veri-Dry Demudifier System

Why Are Air Conditioners Oversized?

Customers depend on the expertise of contractors in selecting an air conditioner. Yet contractors generally over-size air conditioners by at least 20% and sometimes as much as 40%. Even the most conscientious contractor is driven to avoid call-backs (or even lawsuits). If the air conditioning system isn’t working properly (poorly sized duct delivery system, duct Read more about Why Are Air Conditioners Oversized?[…]

Mold Samples

10 Common Facts About Moisture, Mold Growth And Humidity Control

One of the primary benefits of the Veri-Dry System is that it inhibits mold growth. Moisture and dampness are essential for mold and mildew to flourish. Controlling the humidity and moisture practically eliminates the possibility of any toxic or non-toxic mold to develop inside a building. Here are 10 facts about moisture, mold growth and Read more about 10 Common Facts About Moisture, Mold Growth And Humidity Control[…]