July 20, 2016


Veri-Dry LLC Announces Breakthrough in Advanced Dehumidification Systems

Michigan (6/28/2004)

Veri-Dry LLC, the leader in advanced indoor air quality industry, today announced the availability of Veri-Dry, a breakthrough in technology offering factory owners, commercial building owners and homeowners a way to convert any conventional air conditioning system to a humidity and moisture removing environmental control system, thereby addressing the growing health problems associated with mold and mildew that results in excess moisture and humidity. Veri-Dry is a moisture removal/mold-inhibiting device that can be installed on any central air conditioning system or heat pump, regardless of size, converting it into a dedicated highly efficient moisture-removing device without changing it’s original design functions. The new technology that is used in Veri-Dry never allows the space temperature to change more than two degrees in any mode, making it the most efficient system in the industry.

For the homeowner, Humidity and uncontrolled moisture creates the right condition for mold growth. Excess moisture and resulting mold are associated with many health problems and can become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The Veri-Dry option provides homeowners the ability to control the moisture levels and maintain a more healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Through the use of a Veri-Dry whole-home dehumidifier, homeowners now have a method of safely and effectively keeping humidity between the EPA-recommended levels of thirty to sixty percent throughout the whole house.

Veri-Dry is the only reliable way to control humidity, said Bob Posch, president of Environmental Pool Systems. Air movement is critical in controlling any environment. With the Veri-Dry add on package, we have the advantage of using the existing air handler and ductwork to wring out the moisture throughout the entire building. We have always kept efficiency and cost effectiveness in mind as we design precision dehumidification systems. Veri-Dry is the most efficient and cost effective add on humidity and moisture control system on the market today, Posch said.

In industry tests, a Veri-Dry add on installed on a 3.5 ton heat pump removed 15.4 PPH (pounds per hour) or 395 pints per day compared to most portable units sold that remove only 90 pints per day. Posch went on to say, The VERI-DRY Moisture Removal - Mold Inhibiting add on unit removed two to three times more moisture per hour than any competing product available today. The VERI-DRY add on device is truly an industry breakthrough.

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