July 20, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Veri-Dry?

VERI-DRY is a Moisture Removal - Mold Inhibiting device that can be installed on any conventional air conditioning system, air source or water source heat pump. This device converts those systems into a dedicated highly efficient moisture-removing device, (dehumidifier).

I thought air conditioners removed humidity?

Conventional air conditioners do remove SOME humidity but are designed primarily to COOL the air. Dehumidifiers are designed to REMOVE humidity without COOLING the air. In fact a true dehumidifier actually removes humidity and heats the air at the same time. The VERI-DRY Moisture - Mold Inhibitor primarily removes moisture yet never allows the space temperature to change more than two degrees.

Will my air conditioner still function like it did before?

Yes. The VERI-DRY Moisture - Mold Inhibitor system comes with a programmable temperature controller and humidity controller. The air conditioner will operate exactly the same as before. Example: If your air conditioner is operating and the humidity controller tells the system there is a need to take some extra moisture out of the air, the air conditioner continues to run and the VERI-DRY Moisture - Mold Inhibitor quietly switches into the dehumidification mode. When the humidity controller is satisfied, the air conditioner is returned to normal.

How do I know if I need a VERI-DRY?

Any building with humidity problems, regardless of size is a perfect application. If you have a basement that is musty and damp, or you live hot humid areas, it is a must to avoid mold, mildew and long-term structural damage. Anyone with allergies will benefit even more.

How does the VERI-DRY inhibit mold?

Moisture and dampness are essential for mold and mildew to flourish. Eliminating humidity and moisture with a VERI-DRY all but eliminates the possibility of any toxic or non-toxic mold to develop inside a building.

I'm a homeowner and I have mold and dampness in my basement, will the VERI-DRY eliminate this?

The VERI-DRY removes moisture and humidity from the AIR only. If you have good air movement in your basement from your existing heating and air conditioning system, your chances are excellent that it will take care of it but a note of caution and this is important to remember. Proper air movement is paramount in any space for humidity control. Inadequate air flows results in stratification, lazy air and dead air which is many times the case in older homes and basements. The result is damp wet areas under carpeting and in mechanical areas where there is no duct work. This becomes a perfect place for moisture to condense and mold to begin.

What is the difference between VERI-DRY and other manufacturers who claim they also control humidity?

All manufacturers of air conditioning equipment try to control humidity by reducing the blower speed, which in effect does increases it’s moisture removal capacity but creates a very negative effect. Independent tests have proven that by lowering the blower speed, you have now lost most of the pressure that forces air out of the ducts to break up and mix with the stratified air within the each room. The air velocity coming out of the ducts registers at half of the normal rate and the air is cold. Results, the cold air oozes out of all the diffusers and flows across the the floor. Cold air is like water, it falls to the ground. This low air velocity does not allow the air to be mixed which results in stratification, the hot air is stuck at the top of the house and the cold air is laying on the floor. It’s all about physics. Hot air rises like “hot air balloons”. The thermostat is never satisfied, resulting in excessive cooling costs and a very high rate of customer complaints due to discomfort. With VERI-DRY, the blower speed never changes insuring adequate airflows eliminating stratification, lazy air and dead air, a major cause of mold and mildew.

Are there any negative effects with the VERI-DRY?

Yes. If someone turns the humidity controller to low over a prolonged period of time, it can cause wood floors and furniture to crack due to lack of humidity. That is why it is never recommended setting the humidity controller below 35%.

Will the VERI-DRY fit on commercial and industrial sized equipment?

The VERI-DRY Moisture - Mold Inhibitor will fit on any residential and commercial industrial system regardless of size. In stock sizes are from 1 ton to 500 ton models.