When it comes to dehumidifiers, it’s all about scale and severity. Sometimes a small, portable dehumidifier is just the thing to solve a minor humidity issue. However, sometimes it’s nothing more than a band-aid to far more serious humidity issues.

To make it easy to understand when to select a portable dehumidifier versus a large commercial unit we’ve prepared the following chart.


Veri-Dry Dehumidifiers Comparison Chart


Veri-Dry costs less and delivers more.

Expecting a portable dehumidifier to solve the humidity issues in a large building is like having a small pony pull a giant cart. It just won’t happen.

In fact, if you’re on this site you’ve probably already tried a portable dehumidifier and you’re ready for the next step. Many people buy multiple portable dehumidifiers and discover…they just don’t work.

We are offering the Veri-Dry guarantee as a solution to solve serious humidity problems. Contact us now and we will provide you with the help and guidance to install the Veri-Dry system risk free.

Veri-Dry is the leader in advanced indoor dehumidification.

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